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Hemodialysis session in progress

Doctor working on the machine, preparing the haemodialysis machine before a session.

Blood transfusion includes the dual process of drawing blood from a donor dog and slowly transfuse it in a monitored fashion to the recipient in need. In general, dogs that require blood transfusion are those with cases of

  Blood loss due to trauma or accidents.

  Hemoglobin deficiency.

  Deficiency of clotting factors.

  Deficiency of platelets.

  Bleeding disorders.

  Snake bites etc.


Donor dogs

When one of our patients is in need, we look for friendly dogs that we test for health. Mostly, we choose from our long list of patients and willing clients. Those which qualify to be donors, shouldn’t have had a case of tick fever for a year, should be completely vaccinated and devoid of viral infections. The donor dogs should be between two to seven years of age. The process of donating blood is totally voluntary and no money is exchanged as a part of it.


Dialysis is performed on dogs which suffer from acute kidney failure. Happy Tails owns and operates a dialysis machine to purify blood in cases when the patient’s kidney is not performing the task. The process of dialysis is similar to that of humans where blood of the pet is taken out of the body, passed through an artificial filter (to purify) and given back to the patient.

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