Preventive Wellness Plan

Preventive Wellness Plan

Important vaccines necessary for your pets.

They all get cuddles after their shots.

Prevention is the best cure. And, we want to provide pets with ‘health’. To make sure that they contract fewer infections and other diseases, we constantly guide our clients towards better pet health. If there is an infection in the air, we warn them and if their pet is likely to develop diabetes, we provide preventive therapy. Not only does it save cost and time, it helps pets and their parents healthy and happy.

We monitor pets for long-term health at every visit, and create a comprehensive wellness plans. These plans kick off when the pet is a few months old and extends towards adulthood, keeping in mind the climatic and environmental conditions.

The wellness plan includes:


Screening for various age and breed-related illnesses

Treatments such as dental scaling, neutering and more

Diagnostic blood work and imaging to check organ function

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