Otoscopy: Examination of the ear canal.

Evaluating the skin lesions during a dermatological consultation.

Scratching, itching, hot spots; your pet’s itchy skin can drive both you and your pet crazy. Worse, if the cause of that itchy skin is left untreated, serious health problems may ensue. Some infections may be zoonotic i.e. transferable from pets to humans and vice versa.

Diseases of the skin and ears are among the most common reasons why pets visit us. Dermatology problems can leave your pet feeling uncomfortable and affect the quality of your companion’s life. The good news is that these problems need not be tolerated.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and in the tropics, varied bacterial, fungal, yeast and parasitic infection affects pets throughout the year. Happy Tails does its best to successfully manage these complicated skin infections with the support of our dedicated microbiologists and diagnostic bacteriology and mycology laboratory.

Conditions we often treat

Allergies and allergy-induced skin diseases

Autoimmune skin diseases

Chronic ear infections, inflammation and other ear problems


Infectious diseases that can be contagious from pet to human, and from pets to pets

Nutritional imbalances that lead to skin disorders and food allergies

Parasitic skin disease

Skin cancer and skin cysts

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