Avian and exotic medicine

Avian and Exotic Medicine

We have a team of vets specialized in avian & exotic care.

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With the guidance of our exotic animal specialists, birds, pocket pets and turtles are provided with wellness checks and behavioural  consultations, and subsequently treated for injuries and diseases.

We offer a range of services for exotic pets and provide the much needed infrastructure to treat them include specialized instruments, and other diagnostic equipment.

Our expert services in the avian and exotic medicine, are almost exclusive in Mumbai. Our comprehensive treatment, coupled with extensive knowledge of a variety of unheard-of pets, makes our services in this area unique.

We understand the needs of undomesticated animals and help their owners keep up with their unique needs. We help clients manage these exotic animals and help adapt to semi-domestication, by informing their food preferences and behaviour. We also perform surgeries and treat them from trauma, fractures and other events that need medical attention.

Some of the exotic pets we treat, in addition to all kinds of common birds, include:





Turtles & Tortoises

Guinea pigs



Geckos & lizards

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