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Our team is skilled in ophthalmology, routinely treating illnesses of the eye, including disorders that affect the cornea, lens and retina. Ageing pets as well as younger pets routinely suffer from a variety of disorders right from eye infections like conjunctivitis to loss of vision, to congenital disorders.

Eye surgeries are performed by our experienced ophthalmic surgeons to

  • correct eyelid abnormalities
  • protect ulcerated corneas,
  • remove masses and
  • cataract surgeries

Early detection and cure

We constantly guide our clients to spot problems with pet’s vision early, so that we can treat them less invasively and eliminate permanent damage. Pets which are undergoing vision problems also have excessive eye discharge and tends to squint a lot more than necessary. Physically, they might exhibit cloudiness in eyes, eye colour also changes and they tend to scratch and rub their eyes a lot.

If your pet is exhibiting the following traits, it is time for an eye exam:

  • Having difficulty identifying familiar objects
  • Looks or behaves confused
  • Gets weary in the darkness
  • Turns unnaturally aggressive
  • Unable to identify moving objects
  • Extensive sniffing and dependence on sense of smell