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About Us

About 24*7 Emergency & Critical Care Facility

Happy Tails Veterinary Speciality 24*7 Emergency & Critical Care Facility located in Deonar in Mumbai is a place where pets walk in happy; and leave happier. To make sure they are cared for well, and remain comfortable, HTVS uses state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to ensure pet care matches or even surpasses human medical facilities.

Our vision & mission

This hospital is a culmination of the vision of our Founders Dr. Umesh Karkare and Mr. Venkateshwaran Krishnan, of a world where pet care facilities are at par with human medical care.



We were founded by people who love animals, and this is reflected in everything that we do.


We, as an organization, have the heart and love for animals. We are sensitive to their pain, understand their maladies and treat them in the best way possible.


We understand that our injured pet friends need gentle care and we, with our pet-loving vets and support staff ensure their comfort at all times.


All the pets who come into our fold, are referred to, by their names. In line with our vision, we use the best of medical equipment to treat them with the respect they deserve.

Our People

Our veterinarians and surgeons are a closely-knit group of specialists. They are internationally accredited surgeons and vets who are qualified to provide unmatched care. Our technicians, assistants and support staff are trained and skilled and over time; have mastered the art of managing pets and animals with affection. In all, we have a large team of pet lovers, dedicated to our patients.

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Our History

The story of Happy Tails Veterinary Speciality, started in 1986 as a private practice by veterinarian Dr. Umesh Karkare, in Mumbai.

In 2010, Mr. Venkateshwaran Krishnan and Dr. Karkare came together to start the Happy Tails brand. This extended the practice to the current location at Mangal Smriti building at Khar. What began as a private practice 25 years ago, from a small garage in a residential building; is one of India’s reputed private veterinary practices, with a full-service, 24*7 emergency and critical care facility.

The next clinic to be setup was the one in Govandi, that started in 2013, primarily to serve as an emergency centre with the latest equipment necessary for advanced treatment. Most intrinsic surgeries and trauma care services were delivered through this clinic. Over a period of time, the clinic in Govandi would develop itself into a two-level facility with a fully functional Operation Theatre.

The need for a veterinary facility that was available round the clock still remained. Especially in cases where post-operative care was not fully possible with regulations not permitting us to keep the patients with us overnight. Also to deal with medical emergencies that could arise at odd hours. The need was for a veterinary healthcare facility that could deal with emergencies and provide critical care at all times of the day and night.

The latest facility – the Happy Tails Veterinary Speciality 24*7 Emergency and Critical Care Facility is a culmination of this dream. To provide the best in veterinary medical care at all times.

We believe in serving you and your pet with passion and commitment to excellence. With expertise drawn from years of advanced training, our team of expert doctors tackle some of the toughest medical and surgical conditions. We use innovative procedures, combined with traditional, proven methods, high-tech equipment and latest medicine and therapy to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.

Our goal is simple; deliver a treatment plan that best meets your pet’s medical needs and your expectations. We are ready to provide the highest quality of care and attention for your pet. We believe your pet is our family.